Daily Case study my day vs my insta stalk foids day


Studied gear systems with lego technic
Jacked of
Studied russian

Loafed around at her cnc class
Worked as a waitress
Drove to another city in some cuck from her clasd and his friends, and slept with an arab thug.
Studied gear systems with lego technic
Jacked of
Studied russian

Loafed around at her cnc class
Worked as a waitressRaked in simp cash from her camwhore site, her YT make-up tutorial, her Indie-Gogo new boobs campaign, and inherited $200,000 from her deceased sugardaddy.
Drove to another city in some cuck from her clasd and his friends, and slept with an arab thug.
FTFY, get with the times buddy boyo.


the russian whores day :
she took a video of her with her baby niece. :
her sister fucked a different chad or tyrone every week, a heavy smoker drinker, fat cow,
than got pregnant by some arab.

her sisters diary read on one of the pages :
herSistersname what are you doing with dad color.
in brown and encircled in zigzag

she took a video of her driving to "work" with her "BFF" Russian whore 2.

me :

breaking my head thinking how to make my app talk and get ideas for solving problems and building tools
for hours, I also need to study more app skills.

at work I was faux flirted with : a Swedish stacy smiled and made lingering eye contact with me, she asked for empty boxes
I asked for her number to let her know if I get any, she realized I was hitting on her and refused, so I told her I will make sure she will
NOT get any boxes from us. she laughed happily and exited.
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The whore
Took selfie with christmas tree
Went to a restaurant
Went clubing with her bff whore B

Developed algs
Studied russian and programming
Worked out
Watched mandalorian

Work guy told me in thailand a girl grabbed
His ugly friend by the dick and i should go there.


cunt :
her workplace put her as a presentor in their commercial or some shit like that.

me :
prepared food.
study JSON and related shit
Swedish roastie that rejected me came by twice more I pretended not to recog her
married roastie exchanged some tard sentences with me and criticed my pants for some reason.


meatcavity :

got 80$ parking ticket
hung out with cuck orbiters, one of which played her a song on the piano.
visited her degenerate family with her BFF
dressed like a street prostitute and took the bus to club and fuck with chads and tyrones on NYE.

me :
double workout
learned how to prepare asparagus and ate it for the 1st time
reverse engineered the cucktears incel convo generator
fapped twice
read a travel book : 150 pages
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slut :
went on a drive with her BFF and uploaded some traded selfies.

me :
I got 6 sick days off of work : too many times a day I get complaints about my face
and asked to smile and it affected my health to that point.

completed the reverse engineering of the incel chatbot made by cucktears, I just liked it
now I need to make a skill out of it.

my grandmother DIED, she was about 94.
it didn't bother me much emotionally but I did pay her last respect ngl.
2 of her kids are incel, one a heavy smoker with health problems and another a cuck for a single mother with a boy kid.
I was in the car with my bitch foid cousin, I haven't talked to her in over a decade since she made me shake her BFs hand at the time
and I still ignored her through out and when she yelled goodbye at me.

I feel like death is always beside me waiting because I already know until than foids will continue to hate me.
my cope is to level up and try to surpass stacy at her own game by solving A.I puzzles.

I never really had a decent convo with my grandmother nor do I remember learning anything from her exept
how to make a basic pizza I guess. I remember one day when my mom kicked me out of the house and grandma wouldn't
open the door for me at grandmas house, ever since then I just gradually stopped visiting her.

my mom let a whole bunch of people hug her and she gave them big hugs, but she flinched with disqust when I tried to hug her at the car.
I had to breath those tards smoke and shake the hand of another cousins husband which looks like a very weak small beta.

I helped carry her body to the grave, everyone was craying and I really didn't feel anything nor did I feel any sentiments to them
we have no common convo topics, they kept on telling me to take care of my mom and when we hugged it was so fake
on their part : short A shaped half hugs or a fucking handshake JFL.

exept one of my cousin which was a great hug he is a guy.

her death was pretty scary, she just couldn't breath right. she went out with breathing tubes.

I also learned that shortly after someone dies his bank account is blocked. I wanted to learn more but it
wasn't really the time.

her body was wrapped in a black cloth, and it was creepy to think I would end like it ngl
unless my A.I picks up power then it wouldn't be.

she had like a hundred people at her funeral. an incel is scrapped of the flore and maybe a relative would visit to scavange his home.


holes :
she ate junk food at a bar restaurant with some cat sleeping next to her

me :
studied backhand stuff for apps at udemy.
renewing gym membership
fapped twice to duplo videos
cleaned up house.


Pitry dish:
She went on a study dinner date with some chadlite

Went to buy some soda
Suddenly cashier whore says she remembers me from school 6th grade for fucks sakes. She is a single mom with 2 kids
I told her about my app and she told me to sell it for a lot of money, how typicle for a roastie single mom. No ring.

Suifuel that she got bred and im incel tho.

What a fucked up world.


jizz pipe :
drove tyron and his little brother
ate junk food in all sorts of restaurants

me :
designing new UI for my app
studied Russian using for kids apps
studied more app dev : custom fonts, picture in picture, weather and more.
ate passion fruit for 1st time.


whore of Babylon :
went on a date with chad to eat eklar icecreame

me :
didn't read msg that I don't have work today and returned home.
watched 4 episodes of altered carbon
finished new app UI.
started to work on new speech algs very complex.
fapped twice.
learned some new cook recipes.


bitch :
went on forest date with chad
went drinking at a pub with 2 other bitches
took selfie

me :

pulling an all nighter studying image rendering and PM Justus for android
continued polishing convo alas
bought toy motorcycle
bought toy hydraulic robot arm to learn about them
got new skill : maker of cookies (eatable)


me :
prepared foods, tried new recipes
have been developing improvements for my app.
debugged for several hours.

tyrones cock sleeve :

got some beauty treatments at the salon where her mom works, she used some
device that made her face red and puffy.
got some cuck from her class to buy her another expensive meal.
played with her sisters sandnigger baby, and used retarded filters to film her.


Me: wanna die because I’m incel
I also feel that way but mostly when I'm around foids. I actually try very hard not to cry when they talk to me at work or make eye contact.
it is a direct result of years of inceldom, getting faux flirted with, and theire PDA with chad and tyrone, tbh.