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The first major assumption made by psychiatrists is that if the individual isn't functioning well in society, it must be because the individual is fucked up. There's nothing in the DSM-5 about society's being fucked up and causing the individual to be dysfunctional. It's assumed that society is a well-oiled, smoothly running machine made up mostly of decent and mentally healthy individuals, who are therefore able to set the right cultural standards, which the individual is therefore right to abide by, and wrong if he refuses to obey. After all, there would be pushback from those in power if psychiatrists were to use their role to encourage anti-authoritarian sentiments; psychiatrists derive a lot of their income from encouraging pro-authoritarian, or pro-establishment, sentiment, e.g. when their clients are referred to them by courts.

So, let's suppose the individual isn't functioning well in society. He's now diagnosed with a mental illness, and must be given treatment. Psychiatrists don't know of any problem affecting the individual's functioning that they can't find a label for in their book; if he's depressed because he's incompetent in the work world, or because he's incel, or whatever, that just falls under "depression" rather than any underlying issue that isn't in their book. There's no Incompetence Disorder or Incel Disorder in the DSM-5.

It's assumed that for every disorder in the book, psychiatrists have a solution. So, for example, psychiatrists, especially the ones who work in mental hospitals, think every case of depression can be treated with medication. If you're in a mental hospital for depression, there's a 100% chance you'll be prescribed medication, and usually they'll want to put you on the maximum dose of it by the time you get out of there.

If you don't respond well to medication, it's assumed you just haven't gotten on the right medication, or combination of medications, yet. This means there must be more experimentation, as they prescribe different medications and combinations thereof to try to find one that will work. In a mental hospital type of situation, though, they may just eventually sweep the whole situation under the rug and say, "Okay, it's time to release you; stay on your medication and good luck on the outside," and leave it to the outpatient psychiatrists to deal with you.
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I haven't heard of anyone that psyc crap helped, they just say : it is a an ongoing process, in other
words just pay me for nothing.

this is why they want to ban dolls, cause dolls, just being there, actually help.